Voting Members

This page lists the Tactile Internet TC voting members (in alphabetical order) and is updated after each face-to-face meeting, i.e., twice a year.

Last updated: After Globecom’21


Aloqaily Moayad
Bejaoui Tarek
Coutinho Rodolfo
Dawy Zaher
Dev Kapal
Dressler Falko
Fettweis Gerhard
Fitzek Frank
Giordano Stefano
Holland Oliver
Kumar Neeraj
Papavassiliou Symeon
Pappas Nikolaos
Prasad Venkatesha
Oteafy Sharief
Otoum Safa
Simsek Meryem
Tsiropoulou Eirini
Yang Kun
Zhao Guodong

NOTE: If we have missed to add you for some reason, please contact the officers