The Tactile Internet TC establishes a part of the TI activities the Service Award, Technical Contribution Award, and Publication Award (in conjunction with IEEE ComSoc conferences) to recognize ComSoc members.

The Recognition Award will be provided for distinguished record of service to the TI TC.

The Technical Contribution Award will be provided for significant contributions to the technological advancement in the areas of the Tactile Internet and Haptic Communications.

The awards committee members including their terms are as follows:

  • December 2019-December 2021:
    • Meryem Simsek (chair), ICSI Berkeley, USA
    • Falko Dressler, TU Berlin, Germany
    • Oliver Holland, Advanced Wireless Technology Group, Ltd., UK
    • Frank Fitzek, TU Dresden, Germany
    • Stefano Giordano, Universita di Pisa


Award recipients:

  • 2021:
    • Oliver Holland received the TI TC service award for his outstanding contributions and continuous service to the TI TC as well as IEEE P1918.1 standardization WG leading to the visibility and success of the Tactile Internet.
    • Zaher Day  received the TI TC technical contributions award for his excellent contributions to the design of the Tactile Internet architecture, and his fundamental contributions to Tactile Internet research.

  • 2020:
    • Sharief Oteafy, DePaul University, received the TI TC service award for his outstanding contributions and support to the Tactile Internet Technical Committee and IEEE P1918.1 standards working group, which he is supporting as the secretary and where he leads the ad-hoc architecture discussion group.
    • Eckehard Steinbach, Technical University Munich, received the TI TC technical contributions award for his distinguished contributions to the Haptic Codecs, which is an essential part of the Tactile Internet. He is also actively contributing to and chairing the IEEE P1918.1.1 group on Haptics Codecs.